More opportunities to play golf

Golf continues to lead the way in the return of sport following the coronavirus outbreak as golfers are given even more opportunities to play the game this week.

After the golfing ban was lifted in mid-May following a partial relaxation of the government’s lockdown, further restrictions on social distancing were lifted on Monday.

Whereas golfers could only tee off in 10 minute intervals in two balls previously, the procedures for June allow all clubs the option to allocate booking slots for four players at a time.

With many Northants clubs enjoying packed start sheets in the glorious weather over the last fortnight, the new regulations are a further reward for golfers as they take advantage of the chance to play their sport.

Wellingborough Golf Club Captain Dave Hawkins said: “It has been a pleasure to see virtually the entire membership back playing golf, albeit in the limited fashion of two balls with 10 minute tee times. On the whole it seems to have worked.”

Wellingborough General Manager David Waite added: “In recent days, there has been a further relaxation on the number of golfers per group which gives us the opportunity to take the pressure off the booking system.

“We’d like to thank everybody for their patience and understanding through this trying time and we look forward to a safe return to ‘normality’ in the fullness of time.”

Northampton Golf Club Captain Steve Bowers said: “The availability of four balls from Monday this week allows us to have more people playing golf whilst still being able to practice social distancing.

“We can now accommodate members’ guests as well as the significant number of new members who have joined the club in the last three weeks.

“I have found that the lockdown period has led to people refocusing their priorities in life and they have chosen to start playing golf regularly for the social benefits and the positive effect on their mental well-being.”

Northampton golfer Dale White