Northants pro offers advice on how to avoid injuries

County Girls coach Mark Norton says golfers need to be wary of picking up injuries as they try to maintain their fitness during the coronavirus lockdown.
Norton, who has worked with lots of strength and conditioning coaches over the years, believes that generic YouTube workouts, especially high intensity workouts, aren’t always the answer.
In a post on Instagram, the Northamptonshire County Golf Club Professional explained: “As we enter our fourth week of COVID-19 lockdown, we have more time at home as we either cannot work or have no commuting as we work from home.
“I am a fan of anything that gets people more active but we must also be mindful of injuries. A good fitness programme will not only improve your mobility, flexibility and strength but it should also lower your chances of injury.
“These high intensity workouts can fatigue you greatly and usually with that fatigue comes a lack of form and therefore an increase of injury.
“From personal experience, I know if I push myself with too much weight or try to move past my capabilities then I lose my form and usually feel pain for days after and beyond what you’d expect.
“I am also aware of key areas where I have limited movement and how to improve them without increasing the risk of injury.
“With this time at home, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself so you cannot either play when your course re-opens or your game/swing is compromised. You want to be fast out the blocks.
“You will likely find success quicker if you improve your movement or tailor your swing to suit your body’s abilities.
“The golf swing is an extremely dynamic and coordinated movement. So, if you wish to improve your fitness and help improve your golf, then seek out the experts.
“Fitness programmes are like golf lesson plans, they are unique to you – don’t just copy generic YouTube workouts.
“Please stay healthy, each week that passes we are closer to being able to play on the course again, let’s make the most of it when it happens.”

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Mark Norton