Overstone junior section set new world record

Overstone Park junior organiser Tom Davies and several of the club’s junior members had the thrill of setting a new world record on May 5th as they took part in the World’s Biggest Golf Lesson online.
A number of PGA Professionals across the world, including David Leadbetter in Florida, simultaneously used the Instagram Live feature to give a putting lesson at 2pm to 50,113 people – smashing the previous best of 10,000.
Davies, who is a level 1 certified school teacher, was the only non-PGA professional involved in the record attempt after he was invited to take a lesson by Colour Path Golf.

With the session raising over £10,000 for charity, Davies said: “The World’s Biggest Golf Lesson was brilliant. Lots of the golfers from my school and Overstone took part in a number of Colour Path Golf activities and games.
“In my lesson, I talked about the two keys aspects of putting which are line and speed. I used ‘Mind the Gap’ for line, and then moved on to speed by using another drill I created using the Colour Path Golf Club Kit.
“The participants had a go at the activities to see who could win the mini competition. We spoke about the technical elements, they then had another go at the challenge and tried to beat their score. We ended the session with a fun game of golf billiards.”
Abbie Thompson, who is a Golf England Trust Young Ambassador, said: “The World’s Biggest Golf Lesson was a great experience for all involved.
“It gave juniors an opportunity to get back golfing in these uncertain times. The adults had fun too, and took their minds of the troubles we’ve faced.
“I would like to thank Tom for his enthusiastic and engaging lessons by using his own Colour Path games. They were simple to understand and fun to play. It was a great lesson and all for a good cause.”

Fellow Overstone Park junior member Caiden O’Leary said: “The World’s Biggest Golf Lesson that Tom did was enthusiastic.
“He was boosting us children to work hard and doing loads of challenges, ranging between certain specialities, like putting. I think he done a great job.”

Eight-year-old Kiran Yongblah added: “It was a really good lesson and I enjoyed being involved.”

The session wasn’t the only time Overstone Park’s juniors have been in action on social media during the lockdown as 38 youngsters, club pro Brian Mudge and two dogs made an elaborate and entertaining @OverstoneJunio1 Golf Ball Video on Twitter.