Cold Ashby

David Croxton is relishing the opportunity to enjoy his retirement after handing over the reins of Cold Ashby Golf Club to the members at the start of this month.
After almost 41 years as Cold Ashby’s Proprietor, the last 16 in partnership with his son Greg, they have jointly decided to put the business into new ownership.
David Croxton, who also held the post of Northamptonshire Golf Union President in 1998-2000 as well as spending six years on the board of England Golf, said: “I am delighted that the club and its current ethos is to continue.
“I hope that the members and visitors will continue to enjoy Cold Ashby’s friendly and relaxed environment.
“My retirement is probably overdue and I wonder if any other current golf club Proprietor can claim over 40 continuous years at the helm of a golf club.
“As with most businesses there have been good times and not so good, but I have to say that it has given me an enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle, an abundance of happy memories and the chance to meet so many delightful people.”