Special Educational Needs Tri Golf Festival

Brampton Heath Golf Club have emphasised their commitment to developing the game of golf to minorities groups by holding a Special Educational Needs Tri Golf Festival for disabled girls from local schools.

Run by Club professional Kieran Thomas with funding from HSBC Golf Roots Plus Project, pupils from East Hunsbury Primary School, Simon De Senlis Primary School and Boothville Primary School took part in the sessions earlier this month.

Thomas said: “It’s a good way to get primary school children, who wouldn’t normally get the chance, to play golf. It gives them an avenue into the sport, which otherwise probably wouldn’t be there.

“They’ve all had taster sessions over the last few weeks, they’ve taken part in the Golf Festival, and we will invite them back with their families.

“The kids absolutely love it. They are shouting and screaming, celebrating when they hit a good shot, they’ve just got big smiles on their faces. When the parents come up, they think the same thing, so it can be a really good day out for the family.”

Schools Sport Inclusive Development Officer for Northamptonshire, Michelle Reeves, added: “You need these additional opportunities and incentives, and that’s why we are starting so young with the children.

“It’s the joy that it brings to them. It’s not too complicated and they love participating in these activities. It’s very rewarding because they pick up skills for life – they will all benefit from playing golf.”

Special Educational Needs Tri Golf