Teams prepare for busy County schedule

County coaching will resume in the coming weeks as the various men’s and ladies teams get ready for a crammed schedule of fixtures in 2021.

With pre-season coaching and friendlies being cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, the men’s team will need to find form quickly as they take on Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the 2021 Anglian League.

The Eastern Counties and Six-Man Midland Group Qualifying are also on the summer schedule, while the ladies prepare to face Berkshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire from June 21st at Northampton GC.

NGL President Kathyrn Stronach said: “The NGL is planning to deliver a comprehensive County coaching program in 2021 across all levels of its structure.

“With the safety of our players, coaches and volunteers being of paramount concern, the NGL are currently finalising details to ensure delivery is fully compliant with the governments COVID-19 guidelines.”