Evans meets golf legend Nicklaus

European Challenge Tour professional Ryan Evans capped a memorable trip to Florida by being personally invited for a guided tour around the home of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus by the 18-time major winner.

With the Wellingborough golfer putting the final touches to his preparation for the new season by practicing and playing in The Sunshine State, he was handed the opportunity to visit the house of the 81-year-old on the penultimate day.

Evans, who followed all the necessary COVID-19 protocols before entering the North Palm Beach property, explained: “It was the coolest but weirdest thing.

“It was awesome, but it was also a surreal moment because Jack was there waiving at his front door, and immediately wanted to show me around the place.

“Jack isn’t my era, but as a golfer I can appreciate what he has done for the game. He is the all-time major winner – between himself and Tiger Woods, they are the two icons of our sport.

“I was a bit nervous because I really didn’t know what to say to him. After all, I’m stepping into the house of some people’s hero, including to some degree myself. But he’s a really nice guy.

“We were chatting about everything. He told me that I need to enjoy every single moment on the golf course. He said ‘it’s your job, and you have to enjoy everything you do’. So I’m going to take his advice, and try and enjoy this year more.”