Golf can unite the community, says local MP

Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone says the opportunity to play golf during the weeks and months after coronavirus lockdown can have a positive effect on community spirit.

Bone, who is a keen golfer, believes the sport can be beneficial in so many ways for friends and family, including helping with mental health.

He said: “With golf being among one of the few sports to have taken tentative steps in allowing the public to return to participate, it is easy to see how it can unite the community during this challenging time.

“Fortunately, golf lends itself to social distancing. By playing golf at a safe and sociable distance, this allows people to meet again and form communities again.

“For the first time in months, friends and family are able to meet with one another and have a sense of normality in their lives. This is certainly true for those who have had very little contact during the lockdown.

“For people who do not have access to the internet or have been shielding, golf can certainty play a helpful part.

“By being out in the fresh air and in the lovely weather, people are enjoying the sport and at the same time it is having a positive effect on their mental health and wellbeing.

“If I had time to play, I know for a fact that social distancing would be in place, as my partner would be on the green, whilst I’d be safely in the rough!

“I am delighted to see golf being played again and wish everyone a very happy and safe golfing.”