Rewards of playing golf for members

Golf Club members in the county are being rewarded for the way they have adapted to the new government instructions on social distancing on the course by being handed longer opportunities to play.

With last week’s partial lifting of lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak meaning golfers could return to the fairways under restrictions, golfers in Northants have successfully taken on the extra responsibility of health and safety.

Although specific rules remain in place on group sizes and gaps between tee times, many clubs are now giving members the chance to play a full round of 18 holes, where they were previously limited to just nine holes per day.

A Northamptonshire Golf Club Secretary commented: “After the frustration of not being able to hit a ball for weeks, members could have been forgiven for putting additional pressure on clubs.

“After all, it’s their club, and they want to play their course all the time, especially in this lovely weather.

“But members realise that we have all had to make sacrifices, and initially that meant just playing the front nine or the back nine. But for many clubs it’s now back to the normal 18 holes, which is good for everyone.

“With clubhouses closed and with competitions not allowed in the coronavirus crisis, we all realise we have a long way to go, but golf club members have something that the vast majority of sports can’t offer – they can play the sport they love!”