Safety is key to return says NGL President

Golfers will be back out on the fairways and greens on Monday, March 29th for the first time since the latest coronavirus lockdown restrictions were imposed on January 5th.

As one of the few sports being allowed to return, golf clubs across the county are anticipating an influx of participants looking to play the game over the coming weeks – just as occurred when the first lockdown was lifted in May last year.

Although the clocks going forward this weekend will provide more time for golf to be played, tee times at many clubs in Northamptonshire have filled up fast in the opening few days.

This is particularly the case at members’ clubs, who are keen to give their home players the earliest opportunity to tee the ball up, with many doing so for the first time this year.

With some COVID restrictions remaining in place for a few more weeks, particularly with regard to the re-opening of clubhouses, the majority of amateur competitions are expected to be delayed for the time being.

According to NGL President Kathyrn Stronach, the need to implement a safe return initially is key to ensuring the sport becomes accessible for more players this season, and has therefore urged all golfers to remain vigilant.

She said: “The long wait for the return of golf is almost over and I know we are all anxious to get back out onto the course safely.

“The NGL are working hard to bring a full complement of competitions and are currently in the process of confirming date changes for those competitions that were originally scheduled to take place early in the year.

“We are working on the assumption that the lockdown roadmap stays on track but, if not, we will need to be flexible.

“We promise to do our best to bring as much competitive golf as we are able, so we advise all golfers across Northamptonshire to please continue to stay safe and healthy – we wish everyone a safe return to golf.”

Carlton Strowbridge