Greenkeepers can do essential course maintenance

Golf clubs across the county have received guidelines by England Golf on the essential course maintenance work their greenkeeping staff are allowed to do during the COVID-19 Outbreak.
Although golfers are currently prevented from playing due to the social distancing rules in place across the country, the sport was one of the last to be stopped by the government and could be one of the first activities to be resumed.
The national governing body are aware that any resumption is reliant on the courses being ready to play, and have therefore released a series of reduced measures that protects workers, jobs and secures golfing facilities.
England Golf said: “The UK’s golf industry is only sustainable if greenkeepers continue to work, safely and securely. The primary consideration must be the health and wellbeing of greenkeeping staff.
“Our industry statement outlines those treatments considered essential for the safe maintenance a golf course during the current government restrictions.
“It is accepted that golf courses exist in many different forms, on many different soil types and in differing landscapes. The aim is to allow surfaces to be quickly brought back to an appropriate playing standard once play resumes.
“Given the fluidity of the current situation there may be a requirement to update and re-issue this guidance in respect of future government advice.”

Collingtree Park’s 12th Hole